I’m looking forward to discussing, answering questions about and signing copies of our new book, Chasing Perfection: Leadership Principles Behind Winning Football the De La Salle Way by Bob Ladouceur with Neil Hayes on Thursday night, Oct. 1, at Anderson’s Bookstore in downtown Naperville, IL. 

It’s the first official day the book is available at stores, although it has been available on-line and copies have trickled into some stores. The address is 123 W. Jefferson Avenue. 

Anderson’s hosted an awesome event at Hollywood Palms theater in Naperville in August, 2014, two days before the official release of When the Game Stands Tall, which is based on my book by the same name. They sold books and Hollywood Palms sold movie tickets to a sell-out crowd. 

Anderson’s also happens to be my favorite bookstore. I was just in there a few days ago. It’s rare for an independent bookstore to thrive like Anderson’s has but it’s a fabulous store tended by wonderful people. Regardless of whether you can make it Thursday night, check it out if you’re in the area.